Apatite Bracelet 8mm

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Beautiful Blue Apatite Bracelet 8mm

Apatite is a truly mystical stone that comes in varying hues of blue and even green. The name Apatite comes from an ancient Greek work that means “to deceive” due to the fact that it was sometimes confused with Peridot. Despite the name, Apatite is actually believed to be a truth-telling stone as it is associated with both the Throat & Third Eye chakras, helping the bearer see the objective truth in all situations, and perceive fact from fiction. Being a powerful stone of the Third Eye, Apatite helps enhance psychic awareness, boosting intuition and creative visions. Interestingly enough, Apatite which sounds like the word “appetite” in the English language, is also believed to help boost the metabolism and helps those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle choose more nourishing food options. Carry one of these beautiful tumbled Apatite stones to encourage greater clarity, and discernment as you walk your path to enhance your intuitive abilities, and embody your healthiest-self.

Planet: Mercury, Jupiter

Astrology: Libra

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

Mohs Hardness: 5