Black Moonstone Palm Stone

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Black Moonstone Palm Stone

These Black Moonstone tumbled stones are truly enchanting, with chatoyant light play that floats across the dark surface of the stone, this variety of Moonstone is particularly striking compared to other members of the same family. Black moonstone is an excellent stone for grounding emotions and helps bring balance of both the mind and heart. Black moonstone is also known as the primary stone of the new moon, similar to Labradorite, except much more grounding and assists in clearly set intentions for new beginnings, and is even helpful for those trying to have a new child. Work with one of these beautiful Black Moonstone at the next new moon to strengthen your intentions of any kind whether it be a new partner, new job, new home, or new creative projects and trust in the Universe, or your higher power to take care of the rest.

Planet: The Moon

Chakra: Root, Heart and Crown

Astrological: Cancer

Mohs hardness: 6-6.5