Chime Candles (Choice)

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Chime Candles

These ritual chime candles come in every color, Reiki charged and blessed to manifest!   For use on your altar, ritual candles are meant to be burned completely in one session.  Typical burn time is 30 - 45 minutes, making is the perfect ritual candle, which can be "Dressed" with herbs and/or oils. The possibilities are endless.

RED - Strength, Passion, Courage, Love, Power

Pink - Friendship, Unconditional Love, Joyous Purpose

Orange - Business, Property, Attraction, Home, Luck

Yellow - Intelligence, Joy, Abundance, Energy, Learning

Green - Abundance, Physical health, Fertility, New Job

Blue - Wisdom, Inspiration, Hope, Healing, Creativity, Truth

Purple - Spirituality, Peace, Intuition

Black - Protection, Repelling Negativity, Binding

White - Beginnings, Spirituality, Peace, Angels, Purity

Silver - Moon, Feminine Divine, Prosperity, Dreams, Inner Knowing, Female

Gold - Solar Energy, Male Divine, Prosperity, Attraction, Enlightenment, Male