Opalite bracelet - for Psychic Awareness

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Opalite Bracelets for Psychic Awareness and Peaceful Serenity  
The entrancing colors of Opalite facilitates the activation of the Crown, Third Eye and Throat chakras. It helps develop psychic or intuitive abilities, and also aids in communication, especially with Spirit. Opalite is an amalgamation of natural gemstones, metals and glass that have been refined and reconstituted to create these uniquely opalescent stones.  The beauty and cooling touch of these stones is reported by bearers to help reduce depression. Wear one of these enchanting Opalite stretch bracelets to bridge your own inner wisdom with the guidance of your higher power, and to bring bright blue skies back to your cloudy days.  

Planet association: Neptune 

Chakra association: Throat, Third Eye and Crown 

Astrological association: Pisces 

Crystal geometric system: Amorphous 

Mohs hardness: 4-7

4mm beaded stretch bracelets, length: approximately 7 inches