Unakite Bracelet - for Fertility and Heart Connection

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Unakite Bracelets for Fertility and Heart Connection 

Unakite is a wonderful gemstone for cultivating self-love and greater fertility in all aspects of life. As a general mix of Red Jasper and Epidote, Unakite brings the best of both worlds. Red Jasper is known to bring strength and grounded love to the bearer, while Epidote is a powerful stone of manifestation. As a combination of the two, Unakite helps to ground visions and bring them forth into the world right from the heart space. After all, what intentions are more worth manifesting, than the ones that come truly from the heart? If you’re ready to experience deeper love, greater compassion, enhanced fertility and honor your inherent creativity, these beautiful Unakite stretch bracelets are the perfect talisman for you!  

Planet Association: Venus, Mars 

Chakra Association: Root, Sacral & Heart 

Astrological Association: Scorpio 

Crystal Geometric Structure: Monoclinic & hexagonal 

Mineral Group: Silicates 

Mohs hardness: 6-7 

8mm bracelet